Etitech was triggered by Chart Nexus

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Using CT1 screening strategy, ETITECH was triggered on 9th Dec 2008. It has since moved higher and is currently trading at $1.72. CT1 is a strategy which allows the user to buy low and sell high. In this bear market, it may be attractive to buy low but unfortunately if you buy into a downtrending stock, you will only see the price going cheaper and cheaper. You need a set of trading rules to help you identify high probability trend reversal so that you can buy low safely.

Please refer to the chart or visit the Nexus Chart website.


KFC Still Trading Above The Support Trendline

Monday, December 1, 2008

KFC November 2008 Weekly Price Chart

This is one of the counter was trading above their trendline support. Most of the stocks in Bursa Malaysia currently in downtrend mode meaning that it was traded below it's uptrend line because of the global economy crisis. If you see the KFC rebounded after it was trading at the support uptrend line and currently the trend strongly bullish.


KNM At The 261.8% Fibonacci Level Expected To Be Upside

KNM Weekly Price Chart

KNM currently in downtrend mode with price closed in last session at RM0.535. Recently the volume is high at this fibonacci level started a few weeks ago which I think the price will reverse for the moment. RSI-14 weeks in oversold area and turning up. Or this will be base for the double bottom formation?

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