Maybankcard 2 Amex + Mastercard

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Maybankcard 2 Amex + Mastercard Platinum Card

I have these 2 cards which already in use for
2 years. What I can say Maybankcard 2 
Amex + Mastercard is the best credit card i have 

The benefits of Maybankcard 2 Platinum Card

1) One service tax GST RM50
2) 5x TreatsPoints for all spend on your Maybankard 2 American Express Card in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world except Government Bodies, Education Institutions and Insurance Provider (2x only) 
3) Enjoy a low Finance Charge of 8.88% p.a. on your outstanding retail balance
4) 5% weekend cash back 👍👍👍
5) Lifetime annual fee waiver
6) Minimum income shall be RM60k 
7) Travel insurance coverage and retail protection please go to Maybank web. 

What is so great about this Maybankcard 2 card? Do they have a best service among credit cards provider in the market? 

Let me tell you that the best of this Maybankcard 2 card is NOT only about cash rebate to their customer. Most credit card have only 0.5%~1% cash rebate offered. Maybankcard 2 card is all about their treatpoints offered to their credit card holders. Use Amex Card but not the master@visa card. Just keep your mastercard or visa card in drawer. 

Each ringgit we spend on Amex card will be 5x TreatsPoints. Before August 2013 the exchange rate for this card as; 

10,000 treatpoints = RM50 cash voucher
How much to spend to qualify 10,000 maybank treatpoints? We need to spend only about RM2,000 with Amex card! Meaning that we got some discount! 
50/2000 equals to 2.5%! 

But now maybank already revised the treatpoints: 

12,500 treatpoints = RM50 cash voucher 
We need to spend another RM500 to get RM50 cash voucher. 
50/2500 equals to 2%!

Anytime and anywhere! 👌

Even though maybank has increased the the treatpoints to redeem cash voucher but this card still offered the best package in market! 👍👍👍

But if you can make your purchase on weekend it will be better with another 5% cash back offers and it will be credited ti your account just in the end of each month. 

This will looks more handsomely returns with 7.5% if we make a purchase during weekend! But the cap or ceiling will be RM50 only for a month. Not bad not bad as I already compared to other credit cards! Meaning that your expenditure each month on the weekend cap at RM1,000 only. If your monthly expenditure more than RM1,000/month it is advisable that you get another credit card to make you profit all the way. 😆

Purchasing on weekdays Maybankcard 2 card Amex still offered the best as we still can get 2% (if we translate into discount) and there are no cap for this! 👍👍👍

I have some more credit cards but maybankcard 2 card offered the best package in market.  

This card mostly suit with my lifestyle! Maybe it not suit with your current lifestyle and you may explore to the other credit card features. 

I like to make a comparison with other credit cards in the Malaysia market in the future! Hope we all can benefits from this post! 

I am very happy to know if there are more credit cards offered competitive benefits as Maybankcard 2 card did! 


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