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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It is already 200 post right now since I am starting blogging and use this blog as my trading record. This is the way how I learn trading stock. Nobody told me how to trade. But indirectly there are a lot of website or blog that we can learn. Most I learn from the bloglist in my blog.

Some are technical follower and the other one is fundamental. Me? From the start, I learn a lot on the technical analysis. Most learn my self from books and internet.

How about the fundamental analysis? At the same time I spend my time to learn this. Buy some books like stock performance guide, Panduan Bijak Melabur, I love stocks, Profit From the Panic Stock Market, Pelaburan Saham dalam Perancangan Kewangan, How to Make Money From Your Stock Investment Even in A Falling Market and many more. These all books are telling the fundamental analysis.

I believe that the stock price is driving by it fundamental itself. While the technical analysis is more on human behaviour study on how the human react to stock market or stock trading.

The step to learn technical analysis is very straigth forward, easy to understand but for me very hard to implement since there are stop lost to put. Sometime we hope that the stock price will going up again but it going down and down and never look back. Haha...

But for me, currently just apply the simple thing whether the stock is trading uptrend or downtrend. Mostly I will look into the break intermediate downtrend line. But the longterm shall be uptrend. That's easy for me to do it. I think there are lot of change since I start to trade stock in 2007 until now.

On the fundamental, I just look into their financial summary, EPS, PE whether the share at the green or red side (share that make profit or loss). I will avoid the stock that in red.

Anyway both has their own strenght and depends on the person who use the skill and knowledge to interpret the good and bad stock or share market.

Happy learning....!!!


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